Weight Loss: What Works?


The frustrating thing about losing weight is that there are so many ways to do it. Some have success with LCHF, others with paleo, some with prepared foods like Lite’n’Easy, some with programs like WeightWatchers Biggest Loser and Challenges, some with hypnotherapy, some with pills, some with … you name it.

(Just noticed I didn’t mention exercise – Freudian slip! but that works for a lot of people too).

Congratulations if you’re losing weight currently or have in the past. Think about what is working for you and do more of that.

Not losing? Check the basics. Healthy foods? Smaller portions? Keeping a food diary? Reduced sugary foods? Do less of the less-healthy stuff and more of the healthy stuff. Look for stories of people who have achieved weight loss and learn from what they did. MFP (myfitnesspal) have a success stories section for example.

At the end of the day, most things work … it’s highly dependant on you making it work for you though.

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