Starving Yourself : Lose Weight Without Doing That!

You can lose weight without drastically cutting down on your food intake. A lot of people who are overweight become demotivated when they find they have to reduce their food intake – but this is not necessarily the case. You can lose a reasonable amount of weight and still be eat some of your favorite foods. This is not entirely difficult especially knowing that there are many that are doing that. Let us examine one way one can achieve this.

One way of losing weight without starving yourself is to become as educated as you can. This means researching and reading as many resources as you can on ways to lose weight while still maintaining most of your existing good eating habits. Dig around a few quality weight loss forums that provide considerable information to people looking for how to develop a smart diet plan. These forums are full of opinions and practical ideas from people who have made progress on their weight gain and this information is incredibly valuable. What makes forums so useful when it comes to the battle against weight gain is that they are interactive. Once you sign up you can easily begin to post opinions of your own and ask questions. Often they will have sub-groups based on geography, fitness, amount of weight to lose, situations like working and dieting and so on. Finding people who are facing similar dilemmas to you can help enormously.

Another way to lose weight without necessarily starving yourself is to go on an expert diet. Now we all know that there are a zillion different diets out there. Some are expensive, some are cheap and some are downright stupid. Be discerning and look for sensible diet regimes that qualified and respected nutritionists and dietitians would support,

Reading the labels when shopping is one of the best things you can do. Notice the levels of fats, sugars and sodium especially.

Better yet, only shop for products that don’t need a label! Fresh produce, eggs, meat. The healthiest diet and most effective one is the one with the least manufactured food.

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16 Replies to “Starving Yourself : Lose Weight Without Doing That!”

  1. I know starving is never a good idea and just messes up your metabolism. And yes, I think forums and talking with other people with the same goals is encouraging and helps you think more about your eating habits.

  2. Great article!!! We always think that the less we eat the more weight we will lose. Sometimes that simply isn’t the case. There is definitely an art to losing weight… and KNOWLEDGE is POWER! Thanks a bunch for reminding all of us to get with the program… to do some research to get the results we truly desire.

  3. The body needs fuel to REV up, and this fuel is food. 🙂 Not junk food, mind you, but nutritional choices that do a body good.

    I am bad for skipping meals and, as a result, I gained weight. When I decided to eat five smaller meals each day, the weight came off!

    Thanks for sharing!

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