Key Weight Loss Tips

Being overweight can not only be dangerous but can in fact lead to premature death.

Thousands of people die every year in Western countries alone due to a range of weight-related complications. It is even argued that obesity now causes more deaths than smoking. Weight gain is now considered an epidemic.

Obesity, is defined as having a BMI or body mass index of over 30. 25-30 puts someone in the ‘overweigth’ category. Devised in the mid 1800’s, BMI is still the accepted determinant of relative weight. Body mass index is calculated by dividing weight with height and then squaring the answer. The medical profession has long realized the dangers of having a BMI that is above the recommended figure.

Overweight people are inclined to suffer low self-esteem, sleeping disorders, fatigue and even a higher risk of heart issues. Obesity compounds these symptoms. It increases risk of diabetes, heart attack or stroke, sleep apnoea and a range of other chronic diseases. Obesity depresses the body’s immune system thereby making the obese person more susceptible to opportunistic illnesses.

Are there ways to beat weight gain? Absolutely.

Increased education around nutrition is key. It is surprising to know just how many people cook food or eat food without the slightest regard to what is contained in those foods or how many calories they contain. Whenever you buy food at the grocery store, learn to read the label and see what ingredients and locked up in the food and how many calories there are. It can be confusing but if you search online or viit at weight loss forums you will start to learn the nuances of nutritional information, what’s important and what’s not. Over time you willdevelop the knowledge on how to eat right and become healthier.

While you are on the internet, search around for healthier recipes and how to eat the foods that have the best nutritional mix.

Search for the food pyramid recommended by the Health authorities. It is contentious as some argue the pyramid is inverted the wrong way and that carbs should be at the pointier end of the pyramid. Government websites have a lot of information regarding proper nutrition and is worth studying in the battle to lose weight.
Weight loss is about eating better quality food to fuel your body. Maybe start thinking of food as that, fuel, rather than a taste sensation or a treat to make you feel better – reserve those for special occasions!

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