How To Eat To Lose Weight

The fact is that the prevailing dieting theories have not worked. Most Western countries are facing an obesity epidemic and this is despite a heavy focus on dieting doctrines being followed over the past 30-50 years.

It has been accepted to eat less and move more. There is an argument that modern lifestyles are a major contributing factor to obesity.  And yet gym memberships and the sale of sporting equipment is a meg industry. You need to eat enough to generate sufficient energy to match the energy you expend. If yo don’t move much, you don’t need to eat mega-portions.

A plethora and ever increasing range of ‘diet’ foods have been available for 1- 2 generations. These invariably claim to be low-fat, fat-free, reduced-salt or claim some other dietary advantage.

Check the labels!

When one component is reduced, often another equally harmful component is increased to maintain the flavour of the product.


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