How Does Dieting Impact Weight Loss?

Diet has become a dirty four-letter word for many people!

Yet diet is simply the kinds and quantities of food you habitually intake. So in essence you are already on a diet. It just may not be one that is serving you well.

A diet that is not serving you well may result in excess weight. Excess weight is often referred to by the term overweight or in more serious cases, obesity. Where the body accumulates more fat than is being processed or burned by the normal metabolism, that leads to excess weight gain. In some cases, this can be genetic but in most, there is a dietary issue that needs to be addressed. Excess weight is measured in what is called body mass index or BMI according to the fitness and medical circles. BMI is arrived at by dividing weight by height and then squaring the result. A BMI of 25-29kg/m is considered overweight. A reading of 30 or more is in the obese category.

Obesity is outright dangerous. Medical research shows that the chances of a heart attack are exponentially increased the higher the BMI goes. People who are overweight also struggle with a myriad of other complications. These include diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, gallstones, sleep apnea, and more. Want me to stop? That’s just the medical view. Obese people also have to deal with a low self-esteem, being ridiculed or preached to, withdrawal from regular activities, loss of job prospects, limited clothing choices and so it goes on.

How does diet help?

There is a direct correlation between weight loss and dieting according to researchers and nutritionists. Education is key. Learning to read and understand the labels when shopping is a lifesaver. There are some foods which have a higher caloric content than others, have increased amounts of sodium or trans-fats or sugar and knowing this will put you on the right track. It allows you to compare products and ake better choices if you have to buy processed food products. It’s also worthwhile familiarizing yourself with the food pyramid although some argue the pyramid should be inverted. Take a look for yourself by going to the government website.

Please remember that “dieting” does not mean starving yourself. It can mean that you are being more careful as to what you eat. Being more mindful of what goes in your mouth will help enormously. Apps like myfitnesspal give you a good idea of what nutritional values a food has – check them out before you eat. Logging your food intake and the calories as well as nutritional value is pretty sobering in my experience.

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  1. I try to remember that a diet is simply what someone eats. That being said, I try to eat healthy most of the time. I’ve always found it helpful to write down or log what I eat to be more mindful of those things. Thanks for the reminders!

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