Healthy Weight Loss

It’s easy to lose weight fast, but it’s not the healthiest way. You can get away with a rapid weight loss plan if you just need to drop 5 kilos or 10 pounds for a special event. The chances are that if you worked at it you could even keep it off.

For those who carry a lot more than that in excess weight, fast weight loss is not a sustainable way to lose weight over the long term. By doing it regularly you can do unseen damage to your body.

It is far better to go the slow and steady route to permanent weight loss.

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4 Replies to “Healthy Weight Loss”

  1. I would concur with what you say here Mel; however, just the other day I read (though can’t believe everything you read of course!) that it is okay and/or perhaps ideal to lose weight quickly. Oh, and best not to use the word ‘lose’ as you don’t wish to ‘find’ the excess weight a-gain! 😉 (Sorry these puns just come out of me spontaneously: don’t mind them or me!) <3

    1. Yes, language is powerful – must post about that 🙂 Fast weight loss can be preferred in some circumstances eg bariatric surgery, and only under medical supervision. Thanks for stopping by.

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