Easier Ways To Lose Tummy Fat

A fat tummy is an obvious indicator of a person’s health. How so? Fat is considered by most specialists as hazardous to one’s health. If you have a bundle of unhealthy trans-fats moving through your blood stream it’s a good chance these trans-fats may cause artery blockages and strokes.

Tummy fat can also become a haven that is a perfect space for disease-carrying bacteria and viruses. Research shows that people who are obese struggle much more than other people with a plethora of conditions such as depression, low self-esteem and acute fatigue syndrome let alone more serious diseases such as diabetes.

There are steps you can take to lose tummy fat.

When you are out shopping for groceries be very aware of what you buy. Read the package labels of the items you are buying to make sure you know the Fats component is acceptable. Look at trans-fats especially but also saturated fats – neither of these are good for you and you don’t need an excess of them. Avoid buying food based on appetite, emotions and craving. You will end up with a basket full of foods that have a high calorie level ending up in the pantry and then onto the dinner plate and ultimately, in you!

Exercise. Yep. I said it. It’s not my favorite pastime but I do notice that the older I get the less I move without conscious effort. Unless you are in a physically active role, you need to to move more.

Some people are thrown off by the discipline involved in enrolling at gym or hiring a personal fitness trainer. Don’t allow it to become a deterrent. Sure, if you can afford the time and money to go the gym you will get great advice on proper exercise techniques to minimize risk and maximize results. Remember though that simple exercises like jogging or walking around the neighborhood can be very effective to build up your cardio ability and start to shift the weight.

People have been known to start their weight loss regime by walking to the letterbox or around their backyard. Do what you can but push yourself a little. Make it a habit to walk short distances rather than driving. Take the stairs.

You can also lose tummy fat by getting as much information as possible. They say knowledge is power and without knowledge, many fall off the edge. Arming yourself with knowledge involves simply taking the initiative to learn about the reasons why tummy fat accumulates in the body and also joining online forums where people who are working on the same issue discuss ideas and solutions.

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16 Replies to “Easier Ways To Lose Tummy Fat”

  1. I need to exercise. Of all the places that I’m not happy with, my tummy is the worst. In fact, it’s the only area that I’m really self-conscious about still after losing almost 4 stone. So, I really need to pick up the exercise…does anyone want to send me some motivation? 😉

    1. It can be confusing but with more practice you get better at reading them and understanding what they mean. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Yep, I’ve put off that “exercise” component. Some days, I have to force myself to get up from the computer desk and walk around the house, for no other reason than to move around and get some exercise. And, I’ve made myself do the mailbox run.

    It’s really a mindset issue. I just haven’t set my mind to do the things I know I need to do. You pointed out a few ways to get started. Thanks for that.

  3. Great tips and I always read the nutrition and the ingredient labels. If I can’t pronounce the words I tend to avoid buying the product. Yes as we get older we sure need to move more and make an effort to do so. Amazing how easy it is to get stiff joints.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sarah. Spot reducing is a myth really. Some exercises though do work specific parts of the body, converting fat to muscle. You could get two people doing the same exercise for the same duration and they may lose weight in different parts of their body – depending on where fat is stored for them. The important thing is doing the exercise. It will positively impact your body. Keep up the cycling!

  4. Hello Mel,

    I used to walk a few miles on a walking path 6 days each week throughout the year (except bad weather and winter). Then after downsizing to one car, I no longer walk in the park and have limited physical activity. Since then, I also have gained an additional 10-lbs that refuses to leave. Diet is part of the solution, but so is exercise or more physical activity like you pointed out.

    I remember a college professor of mine who used to say, ‘anytime I get the urge to exercise, I lay down until the feeling passes.’ Unfortunately he died a few years later of a massive heart attack at the age of 52!

    1. That’s a salutary lesson, Michel. Hopefully you can find some physical activity that you can manage with your restrictions. May you live a long and healthy life. Thank you for stopping by.

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