4 Steps to Exercise For Weight Loss

Feel like you’re living your life like a caged animal?

Our bodies are built to move yet we often put ourselves in a cage! A corral. A stationary state.

Our bodies are designed for racing across the plains, but instead we live a limited physical lifestyle: we travel from the bed to the breakfast bench, to the car seat, the office chair, the restaurant table, the living room couch and back to the bed. Not inspiring, really, is it?

It wasn’t always this way. Think about how much exercise we used to get even just a generation ago, let alone two or more generations back!  Kids were out playing in the street until tea-time; we’d walk the shopping strip – we’d even walk TO the shopping strip; cleaning house was way more labor intensive [though the houses may have been smaller :)]. My how things have changed.

Today, our daily obligations of work and home keep us tied to our chairs, and if we want exercise, we have to make it happen.

In fact, health experts argue that the obesity issue today is significantly caused in part by lack of physical activity as much as by eating too much of the wrong foods. Not surprisingly, it is more important than ever that people move around more.

Now that does not mean that a lap or two around the old high school track will offset a daily dose of donuts. Exercise on its own is not necessarily efficient, experts say. They contend that if you simply adopt exercise yet do not change your diet, you might prevent weight gain or even lose a few pounds for a while. Of course, that’s a good thing.

but if you want to drop weight, it is unlikely something you will sustain unless exercise is part of an overall program. The more regularly you exercise, the easier it is to maintain your weight.

Here are ideas on what to do every day to ensure you get the exercise you need.

1. Ensure Quality Sleep.

Adequate sleep is a must. Good sleep patterns are conducive to exercise and reduce the risk of injury from tiredness. If you feel worn out during the day, you are less likely to get much physical activity during the day.

Apart from that, there is evidence that people who are tired tend to eat more, and more of the wrong things, using food as a substitute for the rest they need.

2. Walk. Walk. Walk.

You were most likely born with two feet. Walking is probably the easiest exercise of all. In fact, it may be all you ever have to do, according to some professional health experts.

Gradually build up to at least 30 minutes of brisk walking five times a week. Brisk walks themselves have health and psychological benefits that are well worth the effort. In fact, those thirty minutes don’t need to be all at once – 3 ten minutes walks a day are fine.

3. Get On The Treadmill.

I moved to a country coastal town and didn’t get why there were so many gyms around when the walking areas along the beaches were so beautiful. Then after living here a while, I realized. The weather is gorgeous but it gets quite hot and humid so if you want to work out, a gym is ideal with its air conditioned comfort! When the weather prevents outdoor exercise and if you don’t want to join a gym, create a workout zone at home. If you have a treadmill, great. If not, start walking around the house. Over time increase your pace and time. That will help weight-maintenance plan.

4. Make The Time.

Lack of time is often a limiting factor for most people. We live busy busy lives. That is why health experts recommend basic guidelines for integrating exercise into your daily schedule.

Get as much exercise as you can that feels good without letting it interfere with your work or family life. If you need to, remind yourself that you are preventing many health problems when you prevent weight gain; and keeping your health is a gift to your family as well as yourself.

Keep in mind that your health is important and you make a priority time for things that are important, don’t you? Consider exercise time an appointment with yourself!

So what can you do today to build exercise into your daily routine?

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10 Replies to “4 Steps to Exercise For Weight Loss”

  1. Personally, I’m not a fan of the treadmill but I love the swimming pool. That is my favourite form of exercise. I also have workout DVDs for when I’m struggling to find the time to get to the pool (it’s a half hour drive away for me, so not always an option).

  2. I so agree that our way of life has changed, and along with it, our walking to reach another place. It’s too easy to jump in a car and speed to where we want to go. I love walking, yet I can’t do it unaided. I used to take a daily walk supported by my rollator, but my knee has swollen so much and the pain forbids me to do any more until the joint has healed. But once it has, I’ll be back to walking.

    1. Sorry to hear that Francene. In the meantime I hope you can find other ways to keep moving. Amazing how adaptable our bodies can be.

  3. I don’t think my body has ever been designed to race across plains…

    I walk the dog a couple of times per day – brisk walk not stroll. Also have the exercise bike set up and I jump on 10 mins here and there while waiting for things through the day. I find if I am too stationary, my feet and ankles swell up and that is not good.
    Not perfect, but a start!

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